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Example Instructions

Lego bowling pin:

NextGen Scania Truck

The worlds first lego model of the NextGen Scania. Praised by Scania themselves for its features and looks. And of course it's fully remote controlled! Parts List Here

200 SEK (~22 USD)

Volkswagen Beetle

A fully remote controlled Volkswagen Beetle, including details such as a spinning engine, openable doors, trunk, and bonnet, and even windshield wipers! Parts List Here

200 SEK (~22 USD)

Retro Radio / Cassette Player

A lego replica of an ASA SANKEI TCR-700 AM/FM radio and cassette player. Buttons and knobs are working and you can load the radio with a Lego cassette band.

100 SEK (~11 USD)

Stockholm City Hall

In the heart of Stockholm City, the capital of Sweden, is this magnificent building with the spire of three crowns on top.

100 SEK (~11 USD)

MacBook Pro Retina

A laptop released ahead of its time, but in a good way. It's still, almost 10 years later, a very capable computer. (Lego models hinge cannot keep lid upright) Parts List Here

100 SEK (~11 USD)

Brunswick Ball Return

An icon in bowling centers across the globe, this Brunswick ball return is well known anywhere. It holds up to 12 balls, making it versitile too!


Brunswick 2000 Ball Return

This ball return was introduced in the 80s, but can still be found in bowling centers today. (Instructions for a simplified static version)


Kegel Kustodian Lane Machine

This Kegel Kustodian lane conditioner machine has been inspired by the real one, including the hatches for refilling oil, cleaning deturgent and repairing it.

20 SEK (~2 USD)

Skoda Octavia Combi

The Skoda Octavia Combi from 2016 in Lego Technic, with opening doors, hood and trunk. It's also fully remote controlled!


RC Duty Wrecker

The B-model of set 8258, fully motorised to feature RC and lights. An trailer can be built this car but isn't included in the instructions (lxf-file)