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Lego Tram

Lego M06 Tram - Instructions available!

The tram from Norrköping, Sweden has finally got some instructions! Get yours here:

Video 8

NextGen Scania - New instructions!

Brand new instructions, remade from the ground up + new steering system! Get yours now!

Video 8

Volkswagen Beetle

A fully remote controlled Volkswagen Beetle, including details such as a spinning engine, openable doors, trunk, and bonnet, and even windshield wipers!

Video 8

Retro Radio / Cassette Player

A lego replica of an ASA SANKEI TCR-700 AM/FM radio and cassette player. Buttons and knobs are working and you can load the radio with a Lego cassette band.

Video 8

TCAS Pinsetter - Battery Problem Solved!

For years, I've been struggling with dying batteries on my mindstorms robots. This has now changed thanks to a product from PV-Productions!

Video 8

Working ball return - Explained

The new ball return is both complicated and simple. This is an explaination of the inner workings, making it just simple!

Video 7

Working ball return!

After 9 years, I have finally managed to create a fully functional ball return out of lego! Watch it work in this ad-like introduction video!

Video 6

ScoreMore 1.5.0!

Brand new features to increase fun and usability while remaining fast and easy to use.

Video 5

Lego Bowling In Slow Motion 2

The original Lego Bowling In Slow Motion is my most viewed video of all time. This is the sequel!

Video 4

TCAS Lego Pinsetter - New gripping plate!

A new gripper plate and gripping mechanism solved problems with the setting table and made the pinsetter faster!

Video 3

Lego Masters Sweden!

I was one of the participants in Lego Masters Sweden, and this is a recap of what happened and what wasn't fully shown on TV!

Video 2

Stockholm City Hall

In the heart of Stockholm City, the capital of Sweden, is this magnificent building with the spire of three crowns on top.

Video 1

Lego NextGen Scania

The worlds first lego model of the NextGen Scania. Praised by Scania themselves for its features and looks. A classic since 2016